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Dr. Mehdi M Vandi, DDS.

1930 S Bascom Ave Ste 100 Campbell, CA 95008

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Dr. Martin R Hatzke, DDS

Silicon Valley Dental Care 5595 Winfield Blvd, Ste 210 San Jose, CA 95123

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Lincoln Park Smiles

1701 N Sheffield Ave Ste 101 Chicago, IL 60614

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Long Beach


long beach city image


Long Beach is a giant playground in the heart of southern California. Here, you can experience everything from a deep sea adventure at the Aquarium of the Pacific to a beautiful voyage aboard the historic Queen Mary. And when it comes to receiving dental care in Long Beach, you can rest assured that you are covered.

Long Beach is home to family dentists, pediatric dentists, and specialists alike, making it easy for you to find a practice that meets your needs. Whether you’re in downtown or in Los Altos, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from in your neighborhood.

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Venice Beach


venice beach city image


The lovely neighborhood of Venice Beach is home to one of the world’s best beaches, an eclectic boardwalk, historic attractions, and picturesque views that make you lose your breath. The vibrant and colorful art that crawls the city’s walls is what make this gorgeous town so different from the rest of LA.

Venice Beach also provides the best in healthcare and dental care. Whether you’re looking for a dental hygienist to get your teeth scaled and polished or you’re in need of a surgical tooth extraction, you’ll find the best dentists located nearby.

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Santa Monica


santa monica city image


The charming beach community that sits within the urban sprawl of Los Angeles has everything that California Beaches are so famous for. The walkable community of Santa Monica is not only famous for its pier and the red and yellow Ferris Wheel but it also offers excellent shopping, dining and above all, quality dental care for the locals.

Whether you need to get a cavity filled or get an implant, you’ll find a range of dental services located nearby. And as far as quality of care is concerned, Santa Monica residents have a few things to be particularly proud of. In a report by Opencare.com, Santa Monica enjoys the highest grade in “speed scheduling” among 38 other cities analyzed in California. According to the report, dentists in Santa Monica also enjoy a better ranking in “staff friendliness” and “trustworthiness” than dentists in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Santa Barbara.

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San Jose


san jose city image


San Jose is a large city located in the hub of Silicon Valley, a major technology center in California’s Bay Area. It’s a place that’s not only surrounded by rolling hills but also by the headquarters of some of the world’s most famous companies like Google and Twitter. To walk the streets of San Jose is to see everyone glued on their smartphones and to see cafes bulging with laptops and Wi-Fi.

However, it’s not only the likes of Google and Twitter that have made San Jose so famous. When it comes to innovation, San Jose is home to some of the best companies in the world of dentistry too. Align Technology, the manufacturer and designer of the famous clear aligner therapy, Invisalign that has stirred waves in the dental industry, is based in San Jose.

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San Diego


san diego city image


Stunning beaches, warm climate, friendly locals and a diverse community of people are all what San Diego is so famous for. The city that gives access to both the ocean and the desert has a welcoming vibe all its own.

When it comes to quality dental care, San Diego is a powerful resource. Whether you need to restore your smile or get some missing teeth replaced, you’ll find the best dental services in San Diego. One such service by a local dental practice in San Diego made news recently with a promise to offer something no other dentist normally offers: a 24/7 dental emergency service. That means if you’re in San Diego, getting a dental appointment is not such a big problem anymore.

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Newport Beach


Newport Beach city image


With its paradise-like sunsets and sun rises over stunning beaches, Newport Beach offers a taste of what’s called “The Perfect Life”. And it’s that taste that intoxicates everyone and keeps them exploring the stunning beauty of its landscape and the sophisticated charm of its diverse communities.

However, for the people living there, Newport Beach offers more than just picture perfect scenes. It’s home to some of the best names in the dental industry. This includes a local dentist from Newport Beach Dentistry, Dr. Eric Appelsies (DDS) who has made it to the list of top 40 dentists under 40 published by Incisal Edge, a lifestyle magazine for dentists nationwide. Incisal Edge hosted a 2 day event in New York City to celebrate these 40 dentists who were preened on location by a celebrated photographer and style director to create a stunning photography portfolio.

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dallas city image


This urban metropolis is known for its museums and art centers that showcase thought-provoking and timeless art pieces from talented artists around the globe. Dallas, the commercial and cultural center of Texas, is the 2nd largest city in the state and the eighth largest city in the US.

Apart from the big things that happen here, Dallas is home to some of the best names in dental industry. And since it offers so many good options to choose from, it can be hard to find the best pick. That’s why a local magazine in Dallas asked dentists to rate their peers; through a confidential poll and thorough investigation, they rounded up the city’s best dentists in this list.

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chicago city image


Chicago, one of the largest cities in the US, is known for its skyline bristling with iconic skyscrapers such as The John Hancock Center, Willis Tower and neo-Gothic Tribune Tower. The city is also famed for its bold architecture, museums and art galleries that feature an expansive range of collections including noted Impressionist works.

In addition to Chicago’s incredible culture, the city offers top class dental services to its residents. Whether you’re looking for an Orthodontist to get braces for yourself or a General Dentist to provide dental care to your whole family, you can find the best dental services here in Chicago.

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