Dental Autoclave Reviews

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Midmark – M11 UltraClave Automatic Sterilizer

The Midmark M11 UltraClave Automtic Sterlizer allows a dentist to increase his/her efficiency by increasing instrument processing capacity. This model has one of the largest sterilization chambers of any tabletop sterilizer available on the market. Additionally, this unit was engineered to optimize the volume of instruments that can be processed at once, thus increasing efficiency without affecting effectiveness. Some features include: a simple, intuitive display; automatic doo; pre-programmed sterilization cycles; programmable features; and drain tube toward the front of the unit for easy access.


Tuttnauer – 2540MKA Semi-Automatic Autoclave

The 2540MKA Semi-Automatic Autoclave is one of Tuttnauer’s more recent products. It is the first semi-automatic autoclave available on the market that features closed door active drying, all at a reasonable price. By sterilizing and drying in a single action, the user isn’t required to supervise the cycle as closely. The heater is controlled by an auto-shutoff, which is triggered when sterilization is complete. There is also a “night mode” that will help ensure that the instruments are properly cleaned and ready for use in the morning. The unit also includes several safety features, including: automatic shutoff to prevent over-heating, insufficient water detector, and door failure protection (to prevent the door from accidentally flying open at high pressure.)


Statim – G4 Cassette Autoclave

Statim’s G4 Cassette Autoclave is WiFi enabled and automatically monitors and logs every sterilization cycle, so the user is not required to engage in the tedious need to log every cycle. This system catches user or mechanical errors before they incur extra time and cost. The unit can sterilize instruments in as little as eight minutes, thus allowing for a quick turnaround and avoiding bottlenecks. The sterilization chamber is a removable cassette which can be quickly heated and cooled. This system allows for much quicker drying than a standard autoclave. The interface is a 3 1/2-inch his-res touchscreen, which allows for customized displays. Also, through the WiFi portal, the user can view logs and progress in real time.


SciCan Dental – BRAVO 21V

SciCan Dental’s BRAVO 21V is a chamber autoclave model that offers an attractive mix of space and speed along with advanced drying technology. The unit incorporates a single-use water setting, which ensures fresh water during each sterilization cycle. The unit also has an automatic filling and draining setting. Also, the BRAVO 21V stores all data from each sterilization cycle — a USB port allows the user to store data digitally and efficiently, thus streamlining recordkeeping.


Amsco – Eagle Ten Autoclave

The Eagle Ten Autoclave unit is a large capacity sterilizer that offers many advanced features. The 10” x 16” autoclave chamber can accommodate two trays per cycle for various goods: wrapped, unwrapped, and liquid. The compact size of the unit helps conserve work space. Additional advanced features are programmable controls and self-diagnostic functions.


Fona – Hygenius

Fona’s Hygenius sterilization unit was designed to meet stringent clinical and safety standards, while at the same time offering fast sterilization cycles. This unit employs a calc-resistant steam generator and highly-engineered heater for consistent, reliable performance. The control interface can bet set to 21 languages and allows for a cycle to be initiated in two steps. Additionally, cycle reports can be easily managed via USB or optional external printer.


Prestige Medical 2100 Classic Portable Sterilizer

The Prestige Medical 2100 unit is one of the most popular and affordable automatic autoclaves. It is available in over 80 countries and offers a Lifetime Guarantee for the heating element. The autoclave itself comes with a 2-year warranty covering parts and labor. This unit is useable in a variety of industries, including dental, tattooing, body piercing, nail salon, and general medical. A full cycle takes approximately 28 minutes: 8 minutes to pressurize the chamber, 11 minutes for the sterilization phase, and 8 minutes for cool down. The entire unit weighs only 11.5 pounds and has a 9 liter capacity.


Harvey – Barnstead Harvey Chemiclave EC5500

The Barnstead Harvey Chemiclave EC5500 is very different from most sterilizers because it does not utilize steam for the sterilization process. Rather, this unit uses Vapo-Steril, which is a compound that is made primarily of alcohol. The manufacturer claims that using steam to sterilize instruments can damage them and cause them to rust as time goes on. Additionally, no drying phase is required during the sterilizing process, thus providing a faster turnaround.


Runyes – SEA-22L

The Runyes SEA-22L is a multi-feature sterilizer that includes a computer-controlled system with a user-friendly interface. Recording of sterilization cycles is automatic and an optional printer is available, with an internal USB module. Drying time is fully adjustable according to the preference of the user. The sturdy chamber is made of a single piece of imported 304 stainless steel for reliability and durability. An air conditional heat removal system keeps the unit from overheating.


Prohs – PROHS TS-25

The PROHS Table Top Sterilizer is a good choice for smaller clinics because of its small footprint. Although features a vacuum pump and steam generator, this unit does not need to be connected to water network, thus allowing for easy installation and operation. The chamber itself is built with AISI 316L stainless steel and has 25-liters of usable space. The unit is controlled through the microprocessor via a 5” interactive display. It comes with seven preset cycles, five sterilization cycles, and two test cycles. Also, the user can store up to 20 customized cycles. The unit also includes an integrated printer, one rack, and four stainless steel trays.



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