Low Cost Dental Clinics in San Jose

In the diverse community of California, thousands of residents go on years without receiving proper dental care. Many people admit that they haven’t been to a dentist in years even after having obvious dental problems that give them excruciating pain. Dental pain means a lot to how happy the person is. Because if you’re in pain, no matter how happy you are, you wouldn’t be able to smile.

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That’s why there are many low cost dental care clinics located in San Jose that make it easy and affordable for the people in California to get dental care.

Chaboya Clinic

Chaboya Clinic serves the city of San Jose, California and surrounding areas. It offers low cost dental care. IMPORTANT: Please be sure to call the clinic at (408) 494-3330 to learn more about the exact eligibility for low cost services.

2410 Center Rd.
San Jose, California 95111
Phone: (408) 494-3330

Children’s Dental Center

Our dental practice, Children’s Dental Group, is designed to meet the special needs of children. We have over 25 doctors on staff to provide exemplary care for your child. Our doctors are all either pediatric specialists or general dentists who have made the decision to limit their practice to the dental care of children. We also are happy to have an orthodontist on staff who can determine whether or not your young child, between seven and eleven years of age, would benefit from interceptive orthodontic care. If you would like for your child to see our kids dentist in San José, simply make an appointment for them to see one of our fine dentists at Children’s Dental Group.

1153 S. King Road
San Jose, California 95122
United States


Gardner Family Health Network, Inc.

For nearly five decades, Gardner Health Services has provided exceptional health care to people of all ages, backgrounds, and life circumstances. In 1967, community members with help from the Stanford Medical School created a small clinic to meet the urgent health needs of local farm workers in the Alviso community. Since that time Gardner has expanded in response to community needs, now providing medical, dental, vision, counseling, and substance abuse services to more than 55,000 Santa Clara County residents annually. At Gardner, we know that having a place to go for regular medical care is crucial to keeping people healthy and reducing the cost of healthcare for taxpayers. Your support ensures Gardner can continue to provide comprehensive, high quality medical and mental health care to our most vulnerable community members.

195 E. Virginia Street
San Jose, CA – 95112
(408) 918-5500

Franklin McKinley Mobile Clinic

Pediatric Dental Clinics is dedicated to serving the oral health of low income children. We provide a nationwide list of affordable and low income pediatric dental clinics. Many of our specialized providers are government health centers. We also researches and located applicable non profit dental clinics that serve children and adolescents. There are many resources available for children’s dental health that parents are not familiar with. We uncover these locations and provide them to you in a professional, easily reviewable manner.

If you need to contact us, fill out the form below. If you are making updates to clinics, please be specific as to your name, location, clinic phone number. We have many clinics with similar names and want to make sure we correct information properly.

645 Wool Creek Drive.
San Jose, California 95112
United States

Indian Health Center of Santa Clara Valley

The dental clinic’s goals are to provide quality, comprehensive, and affordable dental care to the Native American population of San Jose and neighboring cities. We provide family dentistry in a gentle, non-threatening environment. Non-Native American persons are also welcome!

The Indian Health Center operates one of the most professional and caring dental clinics in the Santa Clara Valley with an amazing group of Dentists and dental staff to make your visit as enjoyable as possible. The IHC is implementing new changes to digitally maintain dental records, x-rays and more, creating a more efficient method of managing your dental health.

1333 Meridian Avenue
San Jose, CA – 95125
(408) 445-3400

PRASAD Children’s Dental Health Program

PRASAD Children’s Dental Health Program is an initiative of The PRASAD Project . The PRASAD Project is a philanthropic expression of the Siddha Yoga mission.

Mission: The mission of PRASAD Children’s Dental Health Program is to improve the dental health of children by providing comprehensive, high quality dental services through education, prevention, detection and treatment.

250 Montclaire Ave.
San Jose, California 95116
United States

St. James Health Center

St. James Health Center is one of 50 health centers in Santa Clara County, California. It is part of the Gardner Family Health Network Health Centers network, and it operates year-round. It primarily serves the urban population in San Jose and surrounding cities.

55 East Julian Street
San Jose, California 95112
United States

Santa Clara Valley Medical Center

Santa Clara Valley Medical Center (SCVMC) is the community’s health care safety net – in more ways than one. County residents with no medical coverage or ability to pay can get needed care, but SCVMC is also the “safety net” for every resident of our community because of the high-quality, specialized services provided. Treatment for emergency medical care, trauma, burns and rehabilitation are just a few of the specialized treatments provided – in some cases the only such treatment in the region.

1993 McKee Road
San Jose, CA 95116
Bus 81, 70

500 Tully Road
San Jose, CA 95111
Bus 26

School Health Clinics of Santa Clara County

This is the administrative office of School Health Clinics of San Jose. They operate clinics for children. Medical and Dental screenings and referrals to area dentists only.

Under the direction of our Medical Director, the clinics are staffed by licensed physicians, nurse practitioners and bilingual English/Spanish medical assistants.

At each of the five neighborhood health clinics that comprise School Health Clinics of Santa Clara County, our bilingual staff provides the following services: urgent care of illnesses and injuries, physical exams and sports physicals, monitoring and treatment of chronic diseases such as diabetes and asthma, immunizations, lab tests, assistance with enrollment in low cost health insurance, reproductive health, mental health services, prescriptions, dental services, nutrition counseling, health education and health navigation assistance.

Our focus is on prevention. Childhood obesity is prevalent among the children who frequent our clinics. To combat this, we offer one-on- one counseling, group classes and healthy lifestyle classes to students from kindergarten through eighth grade at eight public schools in the San Jose Unified School District.

5671 Santa Teresa Blvd, Suite 105
San Jose, CA – 95123
(408) 284-2280