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Are you researching or considering buying a new hydraulic dental chair for your exam rooms? We review 10 of the best new chairs on the market:

1. DentalEZ

AXCS Chair – The AXCS Chair gives the operator the ability to perform procedures with total ease and convenience. The base plate is engineered in such a way to allow the user’s stool to move freely from the 9 o’clock position to the 12 o’clock position. Built using aluminum, the new base won’t tarnish or rush. At a mere 1.5 inches in thickness, the AXCS headrest permits the operator more convenient and direct access to the patient’s oral cavity. In addition, a new “Standard Magnetic Fixed Headrest” may be ordered with the “Magnetic Neck Support” or, alternatively, the “Magnetic Headrest Cushion,” which provides the practitioner with difference options, thus allowing the best headrest for their specialty.

In terms of comfort, the sleek pivot assembly ensures the chair is comfortable for any user and the backrest will give better back support to patients. The sturdy positive locking mechanism ensures that the chair back won’t slip out of position. Also, the upholstery for the chair back can be affixed to the chair back using blind grip fasteners, thus making installation more efficient and faster, while at the same time giving the chair back a an aesthetically-pleasing finish. The AXCS is programmable to four preset positions. The chair can also perform self-diagnostics through a series of LED codes and audio codes, which allows the chair function and control easy to follow.

Dental EZ also warrants the AXCS Chair to be free from defects in material and workmanship for normal usage for up to three (3) years from the date of install, including, structures (base plate, castings, chair seat and back), hydraulic system (cylinders, solenoid valves, and pump), electronics (master circuit board and foot control circuit board, and chair control). The upholstery package is covered for a period of one (1) year from the date of install.

2. Takara Belmont

Quolis Q-5000 Chair – The Quolis Q-5000 Chair has a modern and clean design that incorporates a seating system which allows the operator to smoothly transition patients into and out of treatment positions, thus reducing potential patient stress and anxiety. In addition, an advanced backrest and double axis headrest comfortably fits the patient’s body and movements. Patients may be positioned for treatment as low as 15-3/4” or as high as 31-1/2”, thus giving the operator a wide range of control and access to the oral cavity.

In terms of design, the sleek aluminum structure and Ultraleather upholstery together create a high quality, modern aesthetic design. A seamlessly integrated armrest control pad on the doctor’s and assistant’s side of the chair allows for maximum usability. In additional to the manual controls, the system offers three programmable positions and an “auto-return” feature. Also, the system can be secured using a safety lockout feature that avoids accidental seat positioning movements. The Quolis Q-5000 chair is available in 22 colors, including copper, lake, licorice, mica, pewter, and dove grey.

Takara Belmont offers a standard 7-year warranty that covers all mechanical and electrical parts of Takara Belmont chairs which are bought, installed, and serviced by technicians employed by a Takara Belmont-authorized service provider. Takara Belmont USA, Inc. is based in Somerset, New Jersey.

3. A-Dec

A-Dec 500 Dental Chair – the A-Dec 500 Dental Chair has a thin backrest that “flexes” with the movement of the patient and allows the operator to comfortably tuck his or her knees underneath the chair. There is no uncomfortable hard metal, which allows for further comfort for the patient. Opting for premium patient comfort without overly thick cushioning, the upholstery covering the chair is thinner than one inch in some areas contours to the patient’s body.

A smooth, gliding headrest can be adjusted easily with one hand and provides maximum comfort for the patient. The multi-position armrest can rotate out of the way to allow easy access for the patient. Also, the advanced hydraulic system allows the operator to gently stop and start during changes in position. A built-in 300-watt power system can supply sufficient power to run the entire system, including lights and ancillary equipment.

The chair height can range from 13.5 inches to 31.5 inches, allowing any operator to perform his or her work comfortably. The chair also features a 60-degree swivel and provides a 30-degree rotation from each side of center. The cast iron baseplate features a “cut-away” design that permits the operator to roll his or her stool closer to perform work on the patient. In addition, the baseplate has six separate points of contact that provide stability on floors that are uneven.

The A-Dec 500 Dental Chair’s upholstery comes in both “sewn” and “seamless” styles and in various colors. The “sewn” upholstery is offered in thirty-six different colors, including sky, plum, sorbet, and lemon. The “seamless” upholstery is offered in twelve different colors, including driftwood, black, tawny, and lemongrass.

According to the company, this chair has “reliable components on the inside and attention to detail on the outside” and is covered by an A-Dec five-year warranty. A-Dec is based in Newberg, Oregon, operating from a 50-acre campus and providing dental chairs to dentists all over the world, including the United Kingdom, Australia, and China.

4. Pelton & Crane

Pelton & Crane Spirit 3300 Dental Chair – The new Spirit 3300 dental chair is the next generation of chairs from Pelton & Crane. It provides enhancements that allow for easier doctor access, comfort for the patient, and a sleek and streamlined aesthetic look. The slimmer backrest, along with the chair’s ability to adjust closer to the ground, allows maximum access to the oral cavity for operators regardless of height. Specifically, the Spirit 3300’s narrow 11.5 inch backrest design provides maximum comfort and efficiency by allowing the doctor full access to the patient’s oral cavity, while at the same time keeping them in a position of comfort. An updated base design allows patients to enter and exit the chair with ease, while still providing better access for the stool beside the chair. The chair itself weighs 400 lbs for maximum stability.

Advanced touchpads with one-touch preset programming makes chair operation that much simpler, thus making allowing the operator and his or her team to work more efficiently. In addition, patients will be relaxed and comfortable when seated in the chair’s slow release foam, molded armrests, and experiencing the built-in “ErgoSoothe” massage technology.

The Spirit 3300 Dental Chair’s upholstery comes in both standard and “Ultraleather” styles and in various colors. The “standard” upholstery is offered in twelve different colors, including fawn, cocoa, feather, and blue fog. The “Ultraleather” upholstery is offered in twenty different colors, including parfait pro, apricot, green tea, and eucalyptus.

Pelton & Crane offers a five-year warranty from date of purchase and covers defects in parts, workmanship, and materials. The warranty includes one-year coverage of “normal expected service items” including, but not limited to: filters, o-rings, HVE valves, SE valves, combo valves, lens shields, and syringes. The “Ultraleather” upholstery option does not carry a warranty.

Pelton & Crane was founded in 1900 by Dr. R.M. Pelton, who was a dentist, and Mr. Crane, who was an electrical engineer. Originally, they intended to form a company to design and manufacture a furnace to produce porcelain inlays. For over 100 years, they have sought to innovate in the dental industry and today produce dental chairs, lights, cabinets, dental units, and water treatment.

5. Marus

Marus NuStar SII Dental Chair – The Marus NewStar SII Dental Chair combines optimum patient comfort and allows upgradeable options, all contained in a sleek new look. All of this adds up to tremendous value for any dental practice. It doesn’t matter if a dentist is opening his or her new practice or creating an ideal hygiene room, the Marus NuStar SSII Dental Chair has much to offer. This chair offers high quality design and reliable components, thus creating a chair that is efficient, user-friendly, and durable.

The offset glidebar allows for greater flexibility of positions, thus providing optimum access for the dentist and his or her dental team to the patient’s oral cavity.
The NewStar SII also has a new base and junction box showcase a sleek new design. The newly designed headrest cushion provides support and comfort for patients. In addition, the assortment of upholstery options and newly designed headrest help provide any dental practice a modern and updated look. The stylish seamless Naugasoft and Ultraleather upholstery together with the memory foam provide maximum comfort for patients, thus allowing them to relax during procedures.

The Ultraleather upholstery is offered in sixteen colors, including beet, papyrus, doe, apricot, and dove grey. There are six “standard” colors offered, including black satin, lake louise, tapestry red, and deep sea. Marus offers a five-year warranty from the date of purchase that covers defects in parts, workmanship, and materials. The upholstery is guaranteed for one year from the date of purchase. Additionally, replacement parts and accessories carry a warranty of one year from the date of sale.

Marus has been in business since 1977 and offers a wide variety of dental products, including chairs, stools, delivery systems and lights. They are dedicated to refinement and innovation by the feedback they receive from dental professionals.

6. TPC

TPC Mirage Hydraulic Patient Chair – the Mirage Hydraulic Patient Chair comes standard with an aluminum frame with steel reinforcement for maximum stability. The power-coat baked finish gives the chair a discreet, modern look. The hydraulic base and back allows the operator to easily position the chair for maximum efficiency. The swivel base allows for up to a 60-degree horizontal position. Additionally, the adjustable backrest and base speed allows the operator to smoothly adjust positions, thus helping to put the patient at ease.

The hands-free foot control system allows two pre-programmable positions, which allows for additional efficiency when rendering treatments. In addition, the automatic return/last position presets add to the ease of use. The double articulating headrest will ensure that the doctor can easily view the patient’s upper and lower arches without needing to change the headrest position.

The upholstery allows for easy wipe down as well as extra comfort and durability. The chair comes in a variety of colors. The “Duration Vinyl Color Selection” provides a choice of fifteen colors, including mauve, desert rose, purple grey, and dusty jade. The “Naugasoft Upholstery Color Selection” comes in six colors: black satin, cocoa, deep sea, tapestry red, feather, and lake louise. There is of course an upgrade charge if the purchaser opts for the Naugasoft option.

TPC offers a five-year limited warranty on its chair products. They also warrant materials and that their products will be free from defects in workmanship for one year from the date of purchase. TPC Advanced Technology, Inc. was formed in 1993 and offers a full line of dental products, including disposable dental accessories and capital dental equipment such as chairs, X-ray film mounts and ultrasonic scaler inserts.

7. Midmark

Midmark Elevance Chair – The Midmark Elevance Chair incorporates many years of research and development. It has a Cateliever Forward function that contributes to its sophisticated styling and provides the operator with maximum flexibility to enhance workflow. The entire unit is supported by a strong hydraulic system with a cast aluminum backrest, which can accommodate patients up to 450-lbs in weight.

The sleek, narrow backrest allows for easy access to the oral cavity, while still supporting the upper body in such a way that relaxes the patient. The optional SerenEscape system will give the patient a gentle massage and provide a heating component to further help ease anxiety.

In terms of upholstery, Midmark offers three types: Ultraleather, Royal Hampton, and Silhouette. The Ultraleather upholstery is available in thirty-four colors (and other customizable colors upon special order) including arctic, milkweed, abalone (pearlized), and silk. The Royal Hampton upholstery, which contains an anti-microbial treatment, is available in eleven colors, including taupe, greige, parchment, and saddle. The Silhouette upholstery is available in eleven colors, including taupe, royal carriage, desert rose, and purple grey.

Midmark offers a one-year warranty on all medical products from the date of delivery. However, if interested in purchase, you should consult directly with Midmark regarding its warranty policy regarding dental chairs. Midmark Corporation was originally known as The Cummings Machine Company and was founded in 1915 as a manufacturer of concrete mixes. The company entered into the medical market in the late 1960s and changed its name to Midmark. The company began to grow technologically in the 1980s in the dental area. They are currently headquartered in Dayton, Ohio, with its production and administrative offices in Versailles, Ohio. They also have additional offices in the U.S. as well as in France, India, and Italy.

8. DCI

DCI Series 5 Chair – The DCI Series 5 Chair was designed to allow doctors and their teams to have comfortable, easy access to the patient’s oral cavity while at the same time eliminating workspace clutter. The low chair height incorporates a slim, narrow back and allows the operator to be in the optimal position without regard for the height of the patient. The foldout armrest has smooth motion that allows for easy entry and exit for patients. The structure of the chair is made of heavy-duty, high quality steel and aluminum casting, which will ensure durability. The headrest scoop and back design provides comfortable support for patients of any size or height. Dual integrated touchpads also allow the operator to have easy control over the equipment, thus doing away with the need for superfluous movements.

All DCI products sold to and installed by authorized DCI dealers carry a warranty that they will be free of defends in workmanship and materials for a period of five years from the date of sale. Upholstery is available in Ultraleather and Nauga Soft. The Ultraleather upholstery is available in twelve colors, including raven wing, charcoal, pelican, and diplomat blue. The Nauga Soft upholstery is available in six colors, including black satin, cocoa, fawn, and lake louise.

Founded in 1983, DCI is a family-owned company based in Newberg, Oregon and states on their promotional materials that they are “the largest manufacturer of dental parts in the world.” The company strives to provide low cost and maximum value through innovation and was founded on three guiding principles: 1) making customers’ lives easier, 2) providing dental care for those in need, and 3) enhancing the lives of their employees. In addition to chairs, DCI also manufactures foot controls for control blocks, vacuum valves to quick disconnects, and tubing to flow control valves.

9. Summit Dental Systems

Summit Dental Systems Palm Beach Chair – the Summit Dental Systems Palm Beach Chair is a high quality dental chair made of steel-reinforced cast aluminum, with a powder-coat baked finished that provides durable, long-lasting protection. Equipped with a smooth and quiet hydraulic mechanism in the base and back, the synchronized movement allow for easy positioning of patients. The side chair touch pads allow two programmable pre-positions for operator convenience. In addition, the chair allows the operator to place patients in the Trendelburg position, which provides easy access to the oral cavity for various procedures. The automatic return position function permits additional efficiency for the operator by dispensing with the need for manual control in such situations.

The Palm Beach Chair is comfortable and user-friendly with low maintenance and the contoured shape gives the doctor’s practice a first-class look. The swivel base allows for a 60-degree horizontal motion. The double articulating headrest provides comfortable support for the patient’s head and neck, thus helping the patient relax during procedures.

Summit offers a five-year warranty on its chairs that covers them against defects in materials or workmanship from the date of shipment to purchaser. Both custom vinyl and Ultraleather upholstery options, including taupe, bone, cobalt, wedgewood, and dusty jade.

Summit Dental Systems (SDS) was founded in 1986 in Florida and has provided high quality and affordable dental equipment to many customers over the past thirty years. In addition to dental chairs, SDS also produces operating lights, delivery systems, assistant instrumentation, and operating stools. SDS distributes within the United States via a network of authorized dealers. Their sales staff includes representatives that cover all fifty states. Internationally, SDS is has a distribution presence in over thirty countries. As stated on their website, SDS’s mission is to “provide innovative solutions to the dental field through economically priced dental equipment that is consistent in quality an value.”

10. TecnoDent

TechnoDent 2009new Dental Chair – The TechnoDent 2009new Dental Chair provides a wide variety of functions, including electromechanical lifting, lowering, and tilting movements. The backrest titling extends to the horizontal position. The spoon-shaped design provides an ultra-slim and narrow seat which gives the operator a very wide range of movement.

The 2009new allows for four different headdress models: ELLE FISSO, ELLE/ELLE2 MOBILE, UNI, and Light. The ELLE/ELLE2 allows movement only along the vertical axis and is an anatomical, double articulated headrest for proper cervical support. Both versions can also be combined with magnetic pillow C95 or C2002, which can be applied directly to the backrest for better comfort, regardless of the patient’s height. The ELLE2 MOBILE is the multi-articulated headrest that supports the patient’s posture while still affording optimal visibility during treatments. The UNI and Light headrests are multi-articulated, allowing the headrest to be positioned along three axes. A double joystick control on the base allows for swift and efficient hands-free movement of the chair. The chair also allows for easy return to “zero” position in addition to three pre-programmable patient positions.

In terms of design, an integrated utility box keeps the chair mechanisms organized and aesthetically pleasing. In addition, the chair is completely symmetrical for both right-handed and left-handed professionals. One or two rotating armrests are available to ensure natural support position for the patient’s arms during treatment.

TechnoDent is an Italian dental and medical company founded in 1966 by Gino Lenzi. Based in Casalecchio di Reno, Italy, their mission is to “conceive, study, design, and manufacture technically advanced dental and medical chairs, combining tradition and craftsmanship with innovation and technology in a system of excellence.”


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