Dental Schools in US

Are you interested in pursuing a career in dentistry? Here, we have compiled a list of all the colleges and universities offering a degree in dental medicine. Click here to see a comprehensive list categorized by state.



Dental Schools in Canada

Interested in pursuing a degree in dental medicine? Canada is home to an expansive range of colleges and universities that get you started on the career path of dentistry. Click here to see a comprehensive list of dental schools in Canada.




Directory for Dental Scholarships

Paying for college is hard but you can always find a scholarship program that will help you handle the exorbitant costs of college tuition. These scholarship programs have given financial aid to many students to pursue their educational and professional goals. Click here to see all scholarship programs.



Low Cost Dental Clinics

Low Cost Dental Clinics In Venice Beach

One-third of Americans report skipping dental checkups and care because of the cost, according to a report published by the Kaiser Family Foundation. Though dental care is at the core of a person’s well being, it’s often ignored. Very few dentists in California accept the dental insurance provided under the federal Medicaid program. This means that millions of people go without dental care or often wait for emergencies before visiting a dentist. In Venice Beach, however, there is no dearth of dental practices that accept the government insurance plan, Denti-Cal, and offer affordable dental care. Here is a list of services that provide affordable dental care in Venice Beach.



Low Cost Dental Care Clinics in Long Beach, California

When visiting the dentist, it’s not only the pain of dental treatments that make most people anxious – it’s also the exorbitant costs associated with those treatments. Data from surveys suggest that only about 20% of residents in Long Beach have dental insurance. While the government insurance program, Denti-Cal provides low cost dental care, very few dentists in Long Beach city accept it. However, Long Beach is home to many other low cost alternatives where you can get affordable dental care for your whole family. Here is a list of dentists in Long Beach that are known to provide low cost treatments to people who can’t afford.



Low Cost Dental Care Clinics in Santa Monica, California

Dental care is at the core of your health. If you don’t take care of your health, it can lead to other problems. However, in the world of high co-pays and deductibles, only a small percentage of people in Santa Monica can afford to pay the exorbitant costs of dental procedures or even get regular dental care. 47% of people in Los Angeles don’t even have dental insurance and those who do often find their dental coverage too high. Click here to see all.