Simple Social Media Tips For Dentist Marketing

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With one billion active users on Facebook alone, today’s dentists cannot ignore the power of social media. According to a report, more than 80% of American adults use an online social network. The numbers are compelling a growing number of small businesses and professionals, including dentists, to consider leveraging the power of social media. With the following social media tips for dentists, you can harness the power of social media and achieve results.

In a 2012 survey, 67% of dentists reported having Facebook profile pages. While a lot of dental practices have their profile pages on social media sites, they mostly lack engaging content and have minimal fans, hence not taking full advantage of them.

Do people really ‘like’ dentists on social media?

We all know how people dread going to their biannual dental visits. So, when people don’t like their dental visits, why would they want to connect with their dentists on social media? That’s a good question and easily makes you assume that people don’t like talking about dental hygiene. However, if you just take a look at the number of fans on the page of Oral-B toothbrush (8.1 million and counting!), it will prove you wrong.

The proof is here. Although people complain about their dental visits, they do care about how their teeth look like and how to take better care of them. And they are turning to social media and online resources to learn more about taking care of their oral health. That clearly proves that by creating a strong social media and online presence, you can become the source of information people turn to, create long lasting relationships with your patients, and make your practice grow. Here are the top social media tips for dentists that will give you amazing results.

  1. Get maximum likes

The number one goal in your social media campaign should be to get more and more likes. If you have engaging content to share but minimal likes, very few people will be there to see it. Hence, you should aim to expand your fan base first.

Although engaging and valuable content is what makes people like your page, there are other techniques also that can help you kick start your campaign. One easy technique is to ask all your current patients to like your page. Give the message in their appointment reminders, include the Facebook address in your appointment cards, and ask the receptionist to give the message to every patient who visits. And don’t just ask them to like the page – give them a reason to do so. A message like this could really help:

“Dr. Smith posts oral health tips and news and offers special discounts only for his Facebook patients.”

Besides this, you can also run a contest that would help you build a good sized audience in a short time. Post some riddle or a quiz and ask people to like your page and post their answers to get a chance to win an exciting prize.

  1. Post valuable and engaging content

People want to learn how to take better care of their teeth and keep ugly diseases at bay. When posting content, give valuable tips about oral health and dental hygiene. If they find your posts informational, they’re likely going to share them with their friends, which will lead to more engagement on your posts.

Another idea is to have a little fun with your posts and give your fans a laugh from time to time. You can do this by posting jokes related to dental health and dentists. You can find a lot of memes that will give some fun to your social media campaign.

Besides coming up with original posts, you should also share or retweet other content on social media. In the end, it’s all about engaging and connecting with your audience.

  1. Connect with your patients

Patients will often ask questions and share their concerns on your page with the hopes of getting an answer without making an appointment. While you obviously don’t want to assess a patient without actually seeing him, it’s a good idea to acknowledge the patient’s queries and questions and give a polite and helpful answer. You could give them a brief answer, share your concern about their teeth and ask them to book an appointment. This is a great way to get a potential patient in the office.

  1. Advertise on social media

Using ads with geographic and demographic targeting will get your practice right in front of the people who are most likely to be interested in you. These ads will also kick start your social media campaign and help you get maximum likes.

  1. Add videos and photos to your campaign

Videos are the heaviest form of media content on the internet and while YouTube is still the number one channel for watching videos, consider including videos directly or natively to Facebook. Spend a few minutes capturing a great clip in the office and share the video with your fans. You might also want to boost the video so it reaches maximum people.

When it comes to photos, capturing those moments when the dentist is carrying out a dental procedure can give an idea of the kind of experience patients can expect at your clinic. Comfort is the first thing all patients value. And so, photos that reflect the comfortable feeling in your office can go a long way. Before and after photos of clients are also a great marketing tool that show what kind of results patients can expect from you.

  1. Share non-dental content too!

Having a dental practice doesn’t mean you can’t share other stuff and talk about other non-dental things. In fact, non-dental content should be a part of your social media strategy. Figure out what your audience is interested in and share stuff that caters to their interests. For example, you might comment on a new restaurant, share some local news, or talk about the local football team.

  1. Use applications to improve user experience

Many new applications allow patients to book an appointment through the Facebook page. Using applications like these can enhance and improve user experience.

  1. Ask patients to leave reviews on your page

To garner word-of-mouth advertisement, ask patients to leave their reviews on your page. A prospective patient who visits your page will want to know about other people’s experiences. Hence, having reviews and testimonials can be really helpful.

With these tips, you can create a social media presence that gives great results.


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