Simple Tips For Inexpensive Dental Office Décor

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Your dental office decor can have a great impact on alleviating tension and anxiety from your patients. When a patient walks in the door, he is likely to have at least some level of anxiety about dental procedures. And so, if your dental office looks warm and inviting, it can really put the patient at ease.

Your dental office decor also speaks volumes about your practice. The waiting room, in particular, is the most impressionable space. So while your office may have a great layout that allows for ease of movement, easy storage, and lots of natural light, all of it may look unwelcoming and outdated. Here is how you can quickly and inexpensively revamp your dental office to create a more inviting and relaxing aura.

  1. Get a fresh coat of color

Color is the first thing that sets the mood. To make the office look warm and inviting, paint the walls with white, dove-gray, aqua blue or warm earth tones. Light colors make the office look bright and cheerful and set a relaxing mood. If your tables and wood cabinets are looking outdated, a fresh coat of paint can give them a new look, especially if you can’t afford to replace them.

  1. Get your chairs and seats reupholstered

If your chairs and seats in the waiting room are still sturdy but looking old and boring, you can consider reupholstering them. When changing the fabric, you get a lot of options on the kind of fabric you can choose. New upholstery can make a huge difference in the overall look of your office.

  1. Give some calming effect with background music

To make the patient feel at ease, consider having some background music that is purely instrumental and lyric-free. And make sure there are no commercial breaks! Soothing background music releases mood enhancing chemicals in the brain that can really put the patient at ease. Choose music that contributes to the overall effect of your dental office but does not subtract from the conversations happening between patients and team members.

  1. Revamp the walls with lovely artwork

When it comes to art work on the walls, most dental offices are limited to poster art, which tends to fade over time and look outdated. Instead, go for canvas art work or a series of murals for the walls. Being a dental office doesn’t mean you need art work related to dental practice. Instead, go for art work related to your personal interests. For example, if you’re a hiker, go for nature scenes. If you like to garden, get some beautiful floral designs for your walls.

  1. Real plants and flowers create a relaxing atmosphere

Plants are a great addition to any space. Studies have shown that they generate feelings of vitality and well-being. To give an organic touch, get real plants and avoid the fake ones that collect dust over time. Also, take good care of your plants. Healthy and thriving plants make a good statement about your practice.

  1. Take care of your patient’s needs

Finally, what really puts patients at ease and make them comfortable is the range of amenities you offer in the waiting room. Having a complimentary drink station, coat rack and a pile of current reading material really make a difference. If you frequently expect kids, you may consider dedicating an area for them to make your practice more kid friendly. And when considering patient amenities, don’t forget to de-clutter and get rid of the old stuff from time to time.

  1. Think about the lighting in your office

Lighting can make or break any design. Cheerful and bright lighting can make a dental office look very warm and inviting. Most dental offices use only ambient lighting with fluorescent ceiling lights that can also be hard on the eyes. To create the optimum effect, use a combination of ambient lighting and accent lighting to create a dramatic effect. And when choosing ambient lighting, weigh in your options for LED lighting as it’s easy on the eyes and is also more economical in the long run.

The above tips can help you revamp your dental office décor and give your office a relaxing and inviting touch.


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